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Terms and Conditions

Regulations Regarding Weddings Conducted on Lands owned by The Niagara Parks Commission

  • All Buses or Commercial Vehicles are required to obtain a permit while traveling throughout Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) property. Daily or Annual permits are available at bus management locations (e.g. Table Rock, Rapidsview, Whirlpool Aero Car, Butterfly Conservatory or Floral Clock) or before entering Niagara Parks, online, at
  • NPC is providing the location only; other arrangements are the responsibility of the party making the booking, including a back-up location in case of poor weather.
  • The set-up of tents, structures, etc., is permitted at designated areas in the Botanical Gardens. Permission must be granted by NPC. For further information, please e-mail the address listed below.
  • If seating is desired, you are to make your own arrangements. Chairs are to be delivered, set-up and removed during your two or three hour interval.
  • No loud speakers are permitted. If music is required it should be played on battery-operated equipment.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Section 31, sub-section 2, of the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario reads: "No person shall consume liquor (alcohol) in any place other than a residence, or a premises in respect of which a licence or permit is issued."
  • It is the responsibility of your group to ensure the grounds are left clean for others.
  • The use of confetti, rice, bird seed or other materials is not permitted.
  • NPC's General Release from Liability form must be signed before permission is granted to hold a wedding on NPC property.

Legal Requirements

In order to be married in Canada, a wedding licence must be obtained. There is an age requirement (18 years or older) and all applicants must be able to provide identification.

For all the details on wedding licences including the cost, please contact:

The Clerks' Department

Niagara Falls City Hall

4310 Queen Street, P.O. Box 1023

Niagara Falls, ON Canada L2E 6X5

Phone: (905) 356-7521.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photos can be taken at any outdoor locations throughout the Park with no fee or permit required. Indoor wedding photography can be booked for the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse Tropical Foyer for a 1-hour time period with a rental fee of $100 plus HST.