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Pop & Lolly's Wedding Favours

Niagara Parks has some sweet surprises in store for you! At our unique candy shop, Pop & Lolly's, our talented staff create custom-made wedding favours for gifts or decorations. Choose from a wide variety of delicious chocolate treats and candy favourites, all packaged to complement the colour scheme of your special day. Don’t forget to ask about our Lollypop Bouquets!

Featuring an on-site hand-made candy kitchen, our lollys are bite-sized pieces of candy that look and taste amazing. Our Candy Masters and Lollyologists can handcraft your names, the special date, initials, and/or a symbol in every piece! To customize your lolly, you can select the flavour or mix and match to create your own unique creation! Our 200-year-old recipe, featuring 24 fantastic flavours, will leave a lasting impression with your guests!

We create a large selection of candy, caramel and chocolate apples, including our very unique Bride & Groom apples! Every apple is hand dipped and topped with your choice of premium ingredients. We have a candy wall with more than 50 types of sweet, sour, hard and jelly candy. Choose your flavours from this wall to create your apple or candy bar.

Pop & Lolly's staff create a wide assortment of chocolate covered treats. Pretzels, strawberry licorice and fluffy marshmallows dipped in creamy caramel, then smothered with the finest Belgian chocolate, your choice of white, milk or 70% dark. We use a variety of nuts, sprinkles and candied sugar to top off our chocolate treats. The choice is entirely up to you!

Contact us for a quote. Favours start as low as $1.25 and range from simple styles to as elegant as you desire. We guarantee a special treat within your budget - the choices are endless! Bulk pricing is also available.


My family and I just returned from Niagara Falls and we visited your store. Unfortunately, I didn't open the candy until I got home. Now, I am disappointed that I waited. If I had tasted it prior to leaving, I would have purchased many many more bags.

Photo of the Pop & Lolly's interior

The custom lolly's that we ordered are wonderful. They match our campaign perfectly. It was also very convenient to have our parking paid for when we picked them up. It made things much easier. Please thank the people that made the lolly's and let them know that they are pretty much a perfect match.

Photo of bride and groom candy apples

Photo Gallery

  • Photo of white, blue, and pink candy apples
  • Photo of chocolate candy apples, dipped in nuts
  • Photo of chocolate candy apples with white swirls and nuts
  • Photo of red candy apples, dipped in sprinkles

Please contact us so we can set aside some time to meet with you!


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